"You have created the best, most impressive
                Pony Party anyone has ever seen!"


                                 Many  thanks to you and your husband so very much for a wonderful time.  You both are
                                 so kind and
professional.  We had great fun and you really made Avery's birthday a success. 
                                 Thank you
so very much!  I hope to use you guys again in the future. 
                                                                                                                                                                 Respectfully,  Leah Ekerling

                        We wanted to thank you for everything with Chloe's birthday party!!! Everyone had a blast!  You
                        are so good at what you do, it exceeded our expectations.  Our daughter,  Chloe had a beautiful
                        birthday with all your help.  From the picture perfect poses with Charlie to the precious bunny
                        petting area. Our guests are still talking about Chloe's party with "Charlie"and "Bojangles". Thank
                        you for everything!  One guest commented on how "this is the real deal" the handlers are even
                        dressed in costume. People haven't seen a pony ride set
up as incredible as
this was.  We will
                        forever have wonderful memories & pictures of our daughters perfect day :)
                                                                                                                        Thank you again, Gwyn Carr


                                 Thank you for everything!  Everyone just  loved your beautiful, sweet animals especially 
                                 my Caroline (critter-gened daughter she is!)  It was certainly the best birthday party we've
                                 ever had!  Your whole set-up is  ingenious and impressive, we could not have been happier. 
                                 Love and thanks to you both.

                                                                                                                                                                                  ~Marie Southworth

We just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for the party this weekend.  Magical Charlie
                                 was just fabulous and the kids loved the bunnies and the miniature horse as well.  You
                                 both were so wonderful and made everything run so smoothly I can't thank you enough.

                                                                                                                                                                                   Best, Katie Baad

                                 You made our party a huge success and everyone is still talking about Magical Charlie, the
                                 bunnies and the mini-horse.  You were super professional, on time and great with the kids
                                 and animals alike.  I can't thank you enough!  I am looking  forward to an excuse to bring
                                 you all  back!    Thank you for the best pony party ever!                                       ~ Stephanie Mac


Many thanks again to you, "Lil' Red" and your husband for bringing your gentle and gorgeous
                                  animals to Maya's party yesterday.  She and her friends had a wonderful time and we all
                                  thoroughly enjoy both of you and what you do for children and animals.  We have one more
                                  little one, our five year old, so I'm sure we'll be calling you again over the years for another
                                  party.  Wishing you the best until we see you again!                           Warmest Regards, Kimberly

                               We just wanted to express to you our sincere appreciation for all you did today at Rachel's
birthday party.  You presence and that of your bunnies and Magical Charlie was such a 
                                 and fabulous addition to the festivities today.  All of the kids had a wonderful time, as did
enjoy your professionalism and joyful spirit.  For all the chaos that can be associated
                                 with pre-
schooler's birthday parties, it was so nice doing business with you and having the
                                 very calming
effect that yourselves and your animal  friends provided.
                                                                                                                                    Thank you once again,  Samantha Snyder

                           You are absolutely the BEST Pony Rides I have ever seen!  Your animals are so sweet and 
                                 loving and immaculately groomed!  You two added such great vibes to Eleanor's 4th birthday
                                 party, our guests were stunningly impressed.  You offer a service I thought was unattainable!
                                 Lil Red and Johnny, you are true gems, thank you!                                                       ~
Gina Connoll

Thank you Susanne!  You did an excellent job and your animals are BEAUTIFUL!  I am
                                 definitely going to pass the word about your wonderful parties.  There is such truth in your
                                 advertising, you DO give the Best Pony Parties ever!                                                   ~ Amy Mallen                                                                                         

                          I just wanted to say Thank You!  Everyone has been raving about how much fun they had at 
                                 Logan's party...and it was ALL because of Magical Charlie!  You and your husband were so
                                 great and the bunnies were just awesome.  Logan had a blast, which was my ultimate goal! 
                                 You exceeded my wildest expectations.                                                                           
~Michelle Price

                         Dear Susanne, my husband and I firstly were so very impressed with your colorful, detailed
                                 bunny set-up.  You made the children feel so comfortable and the little bunnies were beyond
                                 darling!  I know my daughter especially enjoyed wrapping 'Peter' up in his baby blanket!  How
                                 you remain so calm and cool in the midst of chaos is beyond me!  The party was so much more
                                 than I ever expected and gave the children a delightful, cherished memory.          ~ Elaine Dario                                         

                         Many thanks to you and your husband!  It was a party to remember!  The boys were both so
                                  very pleased and our friends were so impressed with your genuine kindness and your gentle,
                                  loving animals.  It shows in everything you do!  We're looking forward to next year!    
Beth Mack

         All we can say is WOW!  What fun for ALL the party guests at my 2 year old's birthday party.  The
                                 party is STILL getting Rave Reviews!!  The bunnies were so gentle and accustomed to children.  
                                 Every animal was very special and reflected your care, training and love. You're The BEST!  By the
                                 way, do you have an age limit?  My birthday is coming up!
Bonnie Busk

                            Susanne, you were just amazing with the children!  So patient and kind, you made everyone feel
                                 at ease and so joyful!  Your animals are beautiful, so well behaved and natural with people.  We
                                 were all gleefully impressed.  Thank you for giving Grace a party to remember.
Angie Christiansen

Thank you so much for the great animal entertainment you provided the kids.  It's been the talk
                                of the town!  We loved all the animals, especially the Bunny Party.  Please say 'hi' to Mr. Bo Jangles
                                for me!  You gave us all cherished memories, not to mention the terrific photographs! 
                                                                                                                                                       Thank you again.
  ~Melissa Maldonado

                         I just wanted to thank you for such an incredible party!  You certainly have raised the bar on what
                                I had thought of  mobile pony rides and what a joyful surprise!  You were so kind and generous, your
                                animals were sweet and so well groomed and so talented!  I loved the snazzy red truck and vintage
                                trailer, so retro just like your western attire.  Best pony party EVER!  Thank you!!!
                                                                                                                                                                                               ~ Leslie Grammercy